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Adnan Sami’s Afghani chicken recipe

My earliest memory of food

When I was around four, I went to the most fantastic barbeque restaurants in Lisbon, Portugal. The place had skewers of meat hanging on every table; you could just grab a skewer, scrub it and eat it.

My favourite recipe

Kadhai chicken as it reminds me of Afghani heritage. My nani would make it really well. It brings back a lot of pleasant memories too. My`maa ke haath ka khana’ is unbeatable.

I am a die-hard foodie.I have tasted cuisines from various parts of the world and I know the taste and the name of the dish simply by looking at it. I am a damn good cook.I have inherited the art from my mother. She can transform a bad dish into something delicious.

If I’d enter the kitchen, I’d make a nice egg dish for breakfast. For dinner or lunch, I’d cook prawns.

A crazy thing I did as a cook

My late father loved my cooking because I never use too many spices. During his last few days, when he wasn’t keeping well, he asked me to cook lamb pulao. I was staying in a hotel during that time. I went to the kitchen and prepared the dish for him. It’s a precious memory.

My idea of romance

My woman, the piano and a cup of coffee.

My wife is the master cook.

I dont like baingan (brinjal) at all but when Roya cooks it, I lick my fingers.

A dessert I’d never wish to give up

Traditional caramel custard.

My non-food passions

Reading biographies, books on politics, and watching movies. I have a collection of 7,200 CDs and I never lend them to anyone.


often visit Peshawar and Wasabi in Taj, Mumbai.These places serve food of my choice and I love the ambience.

Adnan Sami’s Afghani Chicken recipe


– Chicken breast boneless: 12 kg

– Onions (chopped): 1

– Yogurt: 1 cup

– Garlic cloves: 20

– Crushed black pepper: 1 tsp

– Oil: 3 tbsp

– Salt: to taste

– Lemon juice: 3 tbsp


– Add oil in a pan and fry the chopped onions for 2 to 4 minutes.

– Set aside 3 cloves of garlic, and make slices of the remaining cloves and put them into the pan along with the onions for frying.

– Add the chicken and cook thoroughly.

– Now add 1 tsp crushed black pepper, salt to taste, lemon juice, yogurt, and mix well.

– Cook till the chicken becomes a bit tender, saute with remaining 3 cloves of garlic, and serve.


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