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You can’t change a man!

Women often complain that they change their identity for a man they love, but the man never changes for them…

Mita had a boyfriend called Manish and as he worked at the hotel coffee shop, he never came back home before 2 am. Mita used to keep happy texting him and also be up till the wee hours of the morning to talk to him but later she realized that while she was sacrificing his sleep for him, he never used to once let go of his schedule and try to speak to her on an earthly hour. Mita complained, “There were so many times that I tried to adjust to his schedule of work but then I had an early day at work and could not meet him later at night as it upset my sleep. Moreover, I also tried changing my work hours, be excited to meet him and please him but when it came to keeping me happy, it was hardly any effort from him.”

Like Mita there are many girls who still don’t stop complaining on how they can never change their husband or boyfriend whilst they make a 180 degree shift to please their man. A relationship requires effort both ways, but after the initial wooing a guy is generally known to go back to what he is. While every relationship requires compromises, many women feel that they sometimes compromise a tad too much to keep the relationship going. Sanjay Joshi, a businessman says, “Every relationship has their share of ups and downs. But I do feel that a woman is more capable of making a success of a relationship. If she has decided in her head that she wants to make it happen with a man that she loves, it generally works. Men are polygamous by nature and often at times require their space and so many times in the process tend to take their woman for granted.”

Women complain of how they have even given up their careers, changed their dressing style and even gone to the extent of deserting their female friends to make their relationship work but when it came to their boyfriend he changed for sometime but then it was going back to his earlier habits. Sonia, a hairdresser often complained of how her boyfriend never wanted to meet her girl friends and despite getting back with him after breaking up twice, he still continued his old ways.

So while there can be different way, experts suggest that you can never change anyone. One can only adjust and compromise with the kind of person you have fallen in love with. While there can be minor changes you can bring to the relationship, let every person be unique and enjoy being in love.


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