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Here’s why your sex life is suffering


Painful joints have become a bigger and more real reason than the good old excuse of “having a headache” for people abstaining from physical intimacy, according to new research. Arthritis Research Britain conducted the survey to reveal the everyday challenges ...

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Mahatma Gandhi at British parliament


Sixty-seven years after he led India to freedom from British rule, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi will be installed at Parliament Square in London by early next year. British foreign minister William Hague and chancellor of exchequer George Osborne, who ...

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What not to do when trying to impress her


Here are a few things you should steer clear of when you are struggling to impress your girl Worried you will end up offending her with your histrionics on your first date? Well, one of the easiest way to have ...

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Superfoods to cut belly fat


Battling stubborn belly fat? Try the following superfoods to Cut belly fat and inflammation. Green tea: This mild beverage is great for helping shrink your waistline as well as for decreasing inflammation. The flavonoids in this tea have natural anti-inflammatory ...

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5 essential tips to keep your relationship alive


Here are ways that can help you and your partner to share a stronger relationship Is your better-half breaking up your made-in-heaven jodi? Is he/she playing the game of love with a different partner? Is he/she cheating on you? Of ...

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He doesn’t find me attractive anymore…


So is it really true that a husband loses interest in his wife after pregnancy? Reports claim that every one in three women feel that their husbands do not find them attractive anymore after child birth. Almost half of women ...

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3 Signs Your Wife Will Cheat On You


Past research has suggested that infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce. But what drives a person to become unfaithful? Thanks to a new study published in Contemporary Family Therapy, we now have an inside look into why ...

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Foods you shouldn’t eat daily


While you may be making the utmost effort to eat healthy for the majority of your day, it is possible that there are the small daily mistakes you maybe making in your diet, which make weight loss, or weight management ...

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Why do women always fall for the bad boy?


Is the excitement and mystery of being with a bad boy worth the heartache? Or should you simply deem this phase as rebellious and move on? Through time immemorial bad boys are known to leave a trail of teary-eyed women ...

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