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Cool Stuff You Never Knew About Your Vagina

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You’re probably pretty pleased of your vagina already. What’s not to be proud of? They’re literally the LIFE GIVERS of the Earth itself, but there’s way more to your V machine than sex and babies y’know.

Your vagina has secret talents and abilities that even Simon Cowell would hit the golden buzzer for, and seeing as you’re kinda stuck with it for a while, it’s worth getting to know the ins and outs of everything that it has to offer.

Reckon you’re pretty clued up on the wonderous, mysterious, kinda magical creation between your legs? We’ll see about that.

Here’s some surprisingly cool facts that might just blow your mind about the oh so humble vagina.
1. Do not mess with a vagina

Got a f**kboy who won’t quit? Your vagina has got you covered – mainly because they’re actually strong enough to CLAMP DOWN on a penis (although it’s a pretty rare skill, unfortunately).

It’s technically known as penis captivus, and is a rare occurrence that can happen during sex when the vagina muscles clamp down with severe intensity on the penis. It’s such a strong hold that it’s literally impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.

And that’s how you keep a man, ladies.


2. vaginas have magical self-cleaning powers.

If you’d love another five minutes in bed in the morning rather than having to take a shower, you should try and channel your own vagina more – they’re self cleaning.

The vagina is designed to keep itself clean without the help of any products or fragrance. Instead it uses its own natural secretions aka discharge, which keeps a healthy balance of bacteria and pH levels to make sure that everything stays healthy and clean as a whistle.

That’s why, when you do wash your vajayjay, you should try and avoid perfumed products, as the chemicals and ingredients used can send things out of whack down there.
3. Vaginas and sharks aren’t too disimilar.

No we don’t mean that they have teeth, or that they enjoy feasting on innocent prey. Although both could potentially apply.

Vaginas and sharks have something in common because they both contain a substance called squalene. It’s a pretty unusual compound that is found in shark livers, but also happens to be a natural vaginal lubricant. How fancy.

4. vaginas are totally on trend.


Been rocking pleated skirts or pleated culottes recently? You trendy thang – you’re dressing to match your vagina without even realising.

The walls of the vagina are pleated. Usually they lie compressed against each other, but when needed (like if you’re wearing a tampon or you’re about to have sex), they separate and widen to open up. It’s basically your very own acordian.

Impressively, your vagina typically swells from half an inch wide to around 2 inches wide, but can obviously go a LOT bigger when necessary – like for popping babies out, for example.


5. Vaginas belong in Lord of The Rings.

If you’ve always felt that your vajeen is destined for great adventure, then this will pretty much seal the deal. Did you know that the word ‘vagina’ itself comes from the Latin root meaning “sheath for a sword”?

And if that doesn’t sound like something straight outta Middle Earth or Westeros, we don’t know what does.
6. Be kind, because vaginas are sensitive souls

Although it’s mainly your cliteris which could be accused of being a bit sensitive. In fact, there are a fairly whopping 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone – and, fun fact, the penis only has 4,000. Lol.

While those 8,000 might sound like enough to be getting on with for now, the rest of the vagina is pretty sensitive too, and good feelings during sex can spread across a woman’s pelvic area by affecting 15,000 ADDITIONAL nerve endings. Christ.
7. Vaginas can get a boner, too.

Although not quite as obvious as a boy boner, the vagina can totally experience its own version of it. When a female is turned on, the clitoris becomes swollen with blood and erect just like a penis would.

And that’s not all – females also experience something called ‘vaginal tenting’, where your V gets more relaxed and grows wider when you’re aroused.

If you want the technical explanation, the uterus is pulled upward, which changes the position of the cervix and allows the inner vagina to become longer and sometimes double in size. Tres impressive.
8. Not all vaginas come with a hymen.

Did you think that all vaginas were guaranteed to come with a BOGOF hymen? Wrong, it’s not a certain deal. The majority of women are born with a hymen – but if you don’t have one then you’d probably never know it anyway. It doesn’t impact your sex life in any way, shape or form.

You’d be more likely to know about it if you just had a hymen that’s not easily penetrated or torn — that can result in painful sex or even difficulty getting a penis into your vagina.
9. Vaginas can literally come in all shapes and sizes.

We probably don’t need to tell you that your vagina is totally unique – no two look exactly the same and the appearance of your average vulva (that’s the outside part) can vary massively from gal to gal.

However, the largest vagina in history most likely belonged to Anna Swann, who lived in the 1800s. She was 7″5, weighed 350 pounds and gave birth to a 23lbs baby with a 19-inch head. That’s some SERIOUS vagina power.

All hail the humble vagina.






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