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Are you interested in Selling this website?

Feel free to send us your proposal and all decisions will be taken in Board of Directors meeting and you will be informed of outcome.


Are you interested in link exchange/ SEO service?

Sorry! Don’t send us any request for link exchange or SEO service as it will not entertain.


Why are there social media links on the site?

A range of social media tools has been available for some time to users of the site already including Facebook, Delicious and Digg. The new design will continue to allow people to share their favourite articles with their friends; we have now included Twitter and Facebook recommendation options and made them more visible.


How do I search for a story on satyamevjayates.com?

Our search engine is pretty basic. You put in a key word or two and get results. However, try to use uncommon words (hint: gulf or Satyamev Jayate appears in seven out of 10 stories, try not to use them). Unfortunately, you cannot search by date. If you get too many results in a search, try putting in more words to cut down on the number of results. Finally, use our Advanced Search link, it is best. Click here for the Advanced Search…


When are stories posted to satyamevjayates.com?

The editors of satyamevjayates.com begin posting the next day’s print stories by 6 p.m. each night. Breaking news is posted to the site as it happens. Please note that not all sections will not be posted beginning at this time, but most of each day’s stories are online and linked so readers can see them by 1 a.m. the day of print publication. Go to individual sections. For weekly-updated sections like Homes & Gardens or Real Estate, check the night before .


Do you ever delete stories?

No. We leave all the stories that we post online in the same place. This way, you can bookmark a story, link to a story, or search for this story anytime in the future.


What’s the best way to find a story on satyamevjayates.com?

Just as in print, think by section. All local news is in Local, features in Satyamev Jayate, etc. From a regional standpoint, think of anything. If the news happens in India, check satyamevjayates.com.


It looks like satyamevjayates.com hasn’t been updated in several days. What’s up?

Our site is updated daily. However, a computer can display an older page (this appears to happen most frequently with readers using Dial-Up). If you think you are not seeing the most current page, click “refresh” or “reload” in your browser.


How do I bookmark a page?

You can easily bookmark the story you are reading by using the “Favorites” or “Bookmarks” function in your Internet browser.


How can I e-mail the author of a story?

Our writers welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions for future stories. Unfortunately, we do not have e-mail addresses available for many outside writers from our wire services, syndicates and other publications. You can usually find this information by accessing the source publication online.


How can I access other stories and sections?

A pull-down menu listing our other sections can be found at the bottom of the page. Below that is a list of other stories from this section. You can also use any of the links in the blue navigation bar near the top of your browser window.


Where can I find stories from Entertainment ?

Stories from our weekly Entertainment  section are available in the Entertainment section online. Our online coverage is divided, with one section for local events called Happenings and another for Entertainment, which covers movies, music and television. Readers can also find local movie listings in this section.


Where can I find horoscopes?

Daily horoscopes are available free to our readers. Use either the drop-down menus or the navigation links in the header bar on the Right-hand side of all section front pages.



Can I copy a story and put it on my website?

No. All stories, articles, photos and illustrations on www.satyamevjayates.com  are copyrighted material. We cannot allow, and it is against the law for the material to appear on any site other than our own. Instead, we encourage you to link to the page on our site. For more information, see our user agreement.


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