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Five unusual tips to staying fit

You want to get fit. But don’t want to join thegym as you aren’t comfortable exercising with others.Here are five tips to transform yourself without going to the gym.

1. ENROL FOR A YOGA CLASS It isnt that tough to find a yoga class in your neighbourhood.Yoga requires nothing more than a mat and some water to stay hydrated.It is a great bodyweight workout that strengthens muscles and improves flexibility.It also helps you breathe your way to a calmer mind and a lesser-stressed you.

2. GET FIT WITH CARDS You may consider card games as a mental activity,but it can be turned into a fun fitness routine too.Have a stack of playing cards The rules will be: Diamonds = Push-ups Hearts = Sit-ups Spades = Lunges Clubs = Squats.Now,pick a card.The number on the card will indicate the number of times you need to do a particular exercise.Exclude all face cards when performing this activity.

3. BRISK WALK Walking is a great form of cardiovascular exercise that anyone with a great outdoor surrounding and a pair of shoes can enjoy.An early morning brisk walk can increase blood flow to the brain,burn body fat and strengthen the heart.Moreover,it imparts a positive kick-start to your day and keeps you energetic,positive and happy throughout.

4. DONT DEBUNK THE DVD PLAYER If you are confined to the home or hotel and are unsure what to do,look at the possibilities of exercise DVDs and online training programmes.A couple of celebrities have come up with fitness DVDs that show the right techniques of exercising in a fun way.They work as a fabulous beginners guide to a fitter body.And if youre a music lover,you can also pick DVDs of dance-based workouts.

5. TAKE A COMMERCIAL NON-BREAK If your’e a couch potato who loves watching TV,heres the trick.As soon as the commercial starts,stand up and jog on the same spot for 30 seconds.Once completed,do a few shoulder and hip exercises.Do two sets of each or until the break is over.

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