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I slept with my boss

Question: I am a 26-year-old woman working with a reputed company in Delhi. A couple of months ago, I went for the company offsite meeting and had a sexual encounter with my boss. Now, I don’t want to take this further, but he seems interested. I don’t want to lose my job or put my reputation at stake, how should I get out of this? – A Sharma

Answer: Impromptu sexual encounters can be a negative experience, and can leave an unpleasant feelings imprinted in the mind. I understand your dilemma and emotions very well. Many women go through feelings of guilt, self-blame and heightened anxiety about how they will handle such situations in the future. Yes, I agree, this job is very important to you, keeping that in mind I suggest that you need to be categorical with your boss about your thoughts on what transpired between you both. A frank conversation will reduce misunderstandings, and he will not get confused signals, as he might be expecting you to have such more future encounters. Put it in such a way that you shouldn’t sound defensive in your tone or putting the blame on him, as this sexual encounter was with your consent. Please put it forward to him that it was a hurried and impulsive move on your part and you are not feeling good about what happened. I am sure he will appreciate your feelings and move on. Make sure you don’t discuss this with any close colleagues at work, such things does happen in process of venting out. Visit a mental health professional if you want to talk it out with someone.

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