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This is how long sex lasts

Thanks to a new study conducted by Utrecht University in the Netherlands, we now have an idea about how long does sex actually last and they came out with some shocking truths.


Around 500 couples from five countries—the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the US—took part in this project where researchers calculated the time they took from penetration to ejaculation. The participants had to time themselves with a stopwatch during sex for four weeks!

They indeed found some interesting results—the average time from penetration to ejaculation was 5.4 minutes! Surprised? Don’t be, for there is more to come. While some could keep their penis inside a vagina for only 33 seconds, there were a few, perhaps with some superhuman power, who could keep it for 44 long minutes


However, performance varied depending on the country they belonged to and their age. Younger men could go longer for almost 6.5 minutes while men over the age of 51 could take it for only 4.3 minutes.


Interestingly, they found that Turkish men were the fastest lovers and can complete the act in just 3.7 minutes. Many will be delighted to know that using a condom or a circumcised penis hardly affect their performance.

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